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Mardi-mangrove Pipeline

Mardi-mangrove Pipeline

Client: John Holland Water

Asset Owners: Gosford City Council & Wyong Shire Council

Project description

The Mardi-Mangrove Link pipeline is made up of two pipelines totalling 21 kilometres in length. The pipeline is a key element in the long term plan designed to secure the Central Coast water supply, WaterPlan 2050. The link means that during high river flows, water can be transferred to the large Mangrove Creek catchment instead of allowing it to flow to the ocean.

The Mardi-Mangrove Link is made up of:

  • a 2.1-kilometre buried water pipeline from Wyong River to Mardi Dam
  • a 19-kilometre buried pipeline from Mardi Dam to the existing Boomerang Creek Tunnel connected to Mangrove Creek Dam
  • a new pump station at Mardi Dam
  • a new offtake and pump station beside Wyong River
  • an upgrade of the Lower Wyong River weir and fishway

Killard Infrastructure was responsible for installing over 10km of pipeline using a combination of open trenching, horizontal directional drilling and pipe bridging methods (both by John Holland)

Plant type

13t – 48t Excavators, 50t mobile crane,10t tippers,3t tipper, dump truck, water cart, semi, shoring.

Pipe Size & Length

Mild Steel Cement Lined Pipe: – (d x t x l) 1085mm x 8mm x L13.28m x 10km. Combination of rubber ring joints and welded bends/fittings.

Design and build dates

Mar 10 – Sept 11

Project value

$16.3 million

Roles and responsibilities

Killard – Construct water pipeline

Stakeholder liaison

By Project Management Personnel

Safety and environment

Safety incidents – nil

Environmental incidents – nil

Client referees

Mr. Brendan Ariyan

John Holland


This project demonstrates our ability to successfully deliver Federally funded critical construction projects in the water industry on time.

Our experience working on Sydney Water Projects, adaptability and proficiency enabled us to work & engage collaboratively with a Tier 1 Contractor. Such challenges included weather conditions, difficulty excavating with loose topsoil of 300-500mm, pipe movement and ‘Right of Way’ permissions around pipeline with private landowners.

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