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Cobar Reticulation Replacement

Cobar Reticulation Replacement

Client: NSW Public Works

Asset Owners: Cobar Shire Council

Project description

Cobar Shire Council embarked on a program of water main renewals in response to the deteriorating condition of the existing town water pipeline.

Approximately 7km of the town pipeline consisted of cast iron pipes which repeatedly experienced a build-up of deposits that resulted in discoloured water for some residents.

Not only were sections of pipeline prone to blockages and breaks, Council had a focus on improvements to bring the network up to a suitable standard and quality to provide the necessary flows for firefighting if required.

Killard Infrastructure was engaged to undertake the water main replacement project off the back of experience and quality water main service delivery at Dubbo, Goulburn and Cootamundra.

Plant type

5-13t Excavators, Non-Destructive Digging truck, Vacuum Recycler truck, 2 x 2t Tippers, skid steer.

Pipe size & length

7km of water main construction. Pipe size ranging from DN100 to DN200.  Pipe material HDPE PN12.5 and DICL.

Project was completed in 2 phases

· Phase 1- 7km

· Phase 2- TBA

Design and build dates

Feb 2020- Oct 2020

Project value

$3.9 million

Roles and responsibilities

Killard Infrastructure– Construct water pipeline

Stakeholder liaison

By Project Management Personnel

Safety and environment

Safety incidents – nil

Environmental incidents – nil

Client referees

Mr. John Bevan

NSW Public Works


This project demonstrates our ability to successfully deliver regional water main replacement projects.

Innovative solutions included laser guided boring with pipejacking and concrete encasement of pipe, 3.4m beneath the railway line.

With Cobar in drought conditions, pipe disinfection water was recycled and used for the vacuum-jetter combination truck for dust suppression and jetting.

Unknown underground assets proved a challenge as many were unmarked on drawings and found only when construction commenced.

Our experience and efficiency

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