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iPlus Infusion® UV

iPlus Infusion® UV is our latest technological innovation. By combining the benefits of UV cure technology with the 1.7 million metres of iPlus Infusion® manufacturing and saturation experience, Insituform has created the next generation UV CIPP.

  • Continuous monitoring of the curing process
  • 30 percent more cost-effective than UV glass materials
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM F1743 and ASTM F1216, with the benefit of light curing
  • 50-year design life
  • Integral bladder system provides an extra layer of protection from groundwater infiltration
  • Materials used are designed to provide optimal translucency for complete cure
  • Smaller jobsite footprint
  • UV cure process uses less water than traditional and steam cure

Technical Envelope

Diameter range  150 – 375mm
Pipe condition — fully deteriorated  Yes
Pipe condition — partially deteriorated  Yes
Bends  No
Offset joints  Yes
Maximum install length  250m
Host pipe material  All (excludes truss pipe)

Resin System

Liners can be wet out using a UV cured polyester resin and/or a styrene-free vinyl ester resin on a specially modified conveyer system or through a resin tank impregnation system, depending on the overall length of the CIPP. Temperature controls are not required for storage or transport. Wet out iPlus Infusion® UV felt CIPP has a storage life of six months.


The installation process is similar to the process used for standard CIPP and uses standard UV equipment. Once the tube has been pulled into the host pipe and partially inflated, the UV light train is inserted into the pipe. Once the light train is in place, the tube is fully inflated, and the tube is cured. The operator can inspect the liner before it is completely cured. Typical diameters of iPlus Infusion® UV felt CIPP are between 150 and 375mm and typical thickness ranges are 4.5mm to 9mm. The maximum install length is 250m.